70 years after independence, the Indian Church faces opportunity

By Rev. Dr. Joseph D’souza

Today, August 15, India celebrates 70 years of independence.

It is a proud moment for the world’s largest democracy. Though still a young democracy, the world should celebrate how far India has come.

In 1947, India was an impoverished, undeveloped country, grappling with the horrors and violence of the British Partition. Today, India boasts the fourth fastest-growing economy of the world. Revolutions in agriculture, technology and higher education in the past few decades have transformed the Indian economy, and the emergence of an educated civil society has propelled us forward on the world stage.

India has one of the most aspirational and youngest populations anywhere in the world — 65 per cent of Indians are under the age of 35 — and they’re restless for more economic development and freedom.

Prime Minister Modi’s rise to power can be largely credited to his ability to recognise and connect to the aspirations and dreams of the new India. The promise of economic development, mixed with a message of anti-government corruption, resonated powerfully with ordinary Indians.

India also stands as one of the most richly diverse nations in the world. We boast the world’s second largest Muslim population and one of the oldest Christian communities. The wisdom of the founding fathers, namely Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and especially the great Dr. BR Ambedkar, gave us our constitution, which promises equality, justice and freedom for all.

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