Article: The India Most Indians Want

Article: The India Most Indians Want

By Rev. Dr. Joseph D’souza for the Washington Times

If you ask most Indians in what kind of society they want to live, they’ll tell you they want to live in a free and tolerant India.

Indians want to live in harmony as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and as members of any religion of their choosing. They don’t want to be accused of being anti-nationalist because of their diverse identities and beliefs, or of participating in fraudulent conversions when they practice and share their faith as enjoined in the constitution.

Christians want to celebrate Easter and Christmas in peace, in the same way Muslims want to celebrate Ramadan and Eid and Hindus their holy days.

When young Indians fall in love with someone from a different caste or religion, they want their families and communities to be accepting and welcoming. When Muslims and Hindus from lower castes sit down for a meal, they want to do so without fear of retaliation because their diet offends someone else.

Above all, Indians want an India where every citizen has dignity and enjoys the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of thought, speech and religion. If there’s one thing Indians certainly don’t want it is one culture or faith imposed on the entire population.

But that hasn’t been the case as of late.

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