Influential Indian Writer Facing Death Threats; Denies Christian Agenda

By Rev. Dr. Joseph D’souza for Christian Post

Prominent Indian writer and caste system critic Kancha Ilaiah, who is facing death threats from Hindu radicals and possible jail time for criticizing the selfishness of India’s wealthy trading class in a book, is denying allegations that he has a “Christian agenda” behind his writing.

The 65-year-old Ilaiah, who is considered to be arguably the most renowned Dalits rights thinker of his generation and is the author of the 1996 book Why I Am Not a Hindu, released a statement this week refuting claims made on Telugu-language television earlier this month by two self-proclaimed evangelical Christians who accused him of being a “Christian agent” with a Western agenda.

“One of the recurring accusations of the recent Arya Vysya agitators and their associate Paripurnanada Swamy, a hater of St. Mother Theresa and Christian human service, against me is that I have a Christian agenda behind my writing,” Ilaiah wrote in his statement, which was shared with The Christian Post. “This is absolutely false.”

Ilaiah is facing death threats over a claims he made in his 2009 book Post Hindu India in which he criticized India’s wealthy trading caste as being “social smugglers” and hoarders of wealth that never display generosity toward the lower castes, only keep money for themselves.

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