It’s time for evangelicals to return to orthodoxy


By Most Rev Joseph D’Souza, for TheBlaze

In a recent meeting discussing the future of Islam in Britain, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a prominent lawyer and the first Muslim woman appointed to a U.K. Cabinet, expressed her deep belief in Britain’s need to return to its Christian roots.

“For minority faiths to feel truly comfortable about who they are, the majority has got to be sure about who it is…,” said Warsi. “A Europe that is sure about its Christian heritage is a much easier place to be a Muslim.”

This is unheard of—a Muslim woman calling for a return to Christian orthodoxy. In an even more contrarian statement, Warsi proposed that mosques in Britain be redesigned without minarets, even resembling village churches.

Warsi’s call is a healthy reminder for Christians too, of our own need to embrace our orthodox roots. It reveals a struggle within Christianity that the church has struggled to resolve, and that is the age-old feud between orthodoxy (correctness of belief) and orthopraxy (correct practice of belief).

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