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The recent alleged twitter remarks of a few Christians about saving souls in the midst of the tragedy of the Nepal earthquake has caused a media uproar. And miscommunicated the nature of Jesus’ love and mission.

These twitter Christians are tagged as being ‘soul vultures’ in the midst of a heart breaking tragedy because they see this as an opportunity to save ‘souls’.

Most Christians would find this kind of propaganda very embarrassing and uncomfortable.

The story of the Good Samaritan is the story of unconditional love.

The story of Jesus’ miracles is the story of unconditional love where people see a new kind of God- the God who is merciful, caring and loving.

The unconditional act of love in the name of Jesus is mission.

Christians often misread the command to go and make disciples in the nations.

First what kind of disciples are we to make? What does that mean? Is it about religion?

We are to make disciples of Jesus. Is this about numbers or about the quality of people? The answer is clear. We are to make people more like Jesus- the world to be more like Jesus. The world would be a better place if that happens.

Would Jesus see a natural and human calamity as an opportunity to get people to believe in him or would Jesus reach out in immense acts of love, prayer and succor and help in the name of God? Would these acts be conditional?

Even Mahatma Gandhi accepted that if Jesus were alive in the flesh today he would draw more followers than anyone because of His character, his selfless love, his non-violence, his purity, his service and his love for humans (not just souls) and love for God. Gandhi had said that if Indian Christians or Western Christians lived like Jesus Indians would not need anyone to preach. They would fall in love with Jesus.

Jesus’ heart is broken by the hurt and pain and tragedy that people are facing in Nepal. Over 5000 have lost their lives and hundreds of thousands affected by this tragedy. He calls Christians to reach in love.

On the issue of the alleged remarks by Christians now dubbed as ‘soul vultures’-remember that Jesus was not overtly excited by the numbers of people who followed him when he engaged in acts of love such as feeding 5000 hungry people.

Following Jesus to become like him is a tough act. Most who followed him in the light of his miracles copped out when the going became difficult- following Jesus means denying yourself and taking up your Cross and following Jesus. It is about doing the will of God.

+Joseph D’Souza
Bishop Moderator,
The Good Shepherd Church & Associated Ministries India.
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