Mother Teresa: The Imperfect Saint Who Struggled With Doubt


By Joseph D’Souza, Sep 14, 2016

On Sunday, September 4, before 120,000 people gathered in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa a saint. Née Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, she is now “St. Teresa of Kolkota” — though even Francis admitted she would probably still be simply called “Mother Teresa.”

Standing in the midst of this iconic moment was Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk, the man who had been charged with gathering the evidence to prove Mother Teresa’s candidacy for sainthood. After 17 years of waiting, he was now enjoying the fruit of his labors. Yet Rev. Kolodiejchuk is known for more than proving Mother Teresa’s saintliness — he also played a role in exposing her humanity.

In 2007, Rev. Kolodiejchuk edited Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light. The book, a compilation of private letters and writings of Mother Teresa, shocked the world with the revelation that for almost 50 years the woman whom in life the world considered a living saint experienced a crisis of faith.

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