[Op Ed] Is the Trump Team Anti-Semitic?

By Rev. Dr. Joseph D’souza for Christian Post

Charges of anti-Semitism continue to be thrown around as a tool of political rhetoric in America. We saw it all again in recent days when Steve Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart, was appointed chief strategist for the coming administration.

Ignited by a headline from the conservative news site Bannon led and by accusations of him making anti-Semitic remarks, “anti-Semitism” once again permeated headlines.

Never mind that the article in question was written by a Jew and was a criticism of the attempts of another Jew to establish a third-party run which would have split the vote in the election.

Never mind Breitbart has about a dozen staff stationed in Israel; or that Anderson Cooper, on live TV, challenged Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Bannon being a white supremacist.

Never mind that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Trump after winning the election, calling him a “great friend of Israel,” thanking him for his consistent support of Israel, and saying he’s “confident that the two of us, working closely together, will bring the great alliance between our two countries to even greater heights.”

Never mind that Trump has called Israel “the one true democracy and defender of human rights in the Middle East and a beacon of hope to countless people;” and that he promised to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to “the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem” — something which previous presidents have refused to do — and to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal, which Obama supported and Netanyahu vehemently opposed. All this reaffirms Israel of America’s commitment to its security and statehood, and echoes the sentiment of Netanyahu’s recent speech at the U.N., where he told the assembly to stop their diplomatic war against Israel, pointing out how country after country was recognizing Israel as an economic and development ally.

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