[Op Ed] The Democrats’ Big Mistake: Ignoring the Silent Majority

By Rev. Dr. Joseph D’souza for Christian Post

Looking back at the 2016 U.S. election, there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s worst moment was calling Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.” With one stroke she alienated America’s silent majority — the conservatives in faith and those left out by globalization.

The majority of evangelicals — both Protestants and Catholics — voted for Trump. And even though it was the white evangelical vote that boosted Trump’s run, he also received a third of the non-white evangelical vote. The vast majority of the workers in the heartland of America also voted for Trump, and women and the Latinos did not desert him for Hillary as it was expected. It seems the “basket of deplorables” was more diverse than Sec. Clinton guessed.

While the media is still looking for the reasons why Nov. 8 unfolded the way it did, one answer that seems clear to me is that Sec. Clinton misread the values of the silent majority. She grew confident listening to the echo chamber of her own party, and failed to see that her message was not resonating with a large swath of the American people.

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