The Cry of India’s Daughters


In mid-July of this year, an11-year-old girl was returning home after visiting her grandfather. When she failed to arrive home her worried parents reported her missing.

Her body was found the following day under a tree. Her teeth were smashed. Her face disfigured. Her hair pulled out. Her shoulders dislocated, and her private parts mutilated. She was gang raped and killed by three men.
Not two weeks later, a 14-year-old girl took her last breaths as she laid in a hospital bed. She had been kidnapped by a group of men – and a woman – who tied her hands and feet and raped her. Instead of being given food, she was forced to drink a corrosive chemical, which led to months of pain and, ultimately, her death.

These stories are neither pleasant to recount nor read; but it’s the reality millions of girls today. The only crime these two committed to deserve the punishment they received was being born a low-class, Dalit girl in India.

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