Tipping Point of India’s Caste System Is ‘Fast Approaching,’ Bishop Joseph D’souza Says (Interview)


The “dam is bursting” on India’s discriminatory caste system, says prominent Indian Bishop Joseph D’souza, who told The Christian Post that the demise of India’s prejudiced social order could likely come during his lifetime.

For centuries, India has been entrenched in an unjust social construct that has discriminated against the lowest and most vulnerable members of society and kept those in the lowest rungs of the caste system from being able to access equal educational and economic opportunities that could allow them to create comfortable lives for themselves and their families.

While those in the highest castes of the system are living comfortable lives, the same opportunities they receive are not afforded to those in the Sudra caste (commoners, peasants, laborers) or those considered to be Dalits or untouchables (street sweepers, toilet cleaners).

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